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Professional Security Services in the Tri-State Area

At Bounty Alarms, our mission is to be your friendly, neighborhood source of complete security solutions. We run our business for the benefit of our loyal customers, and we feel passionate about providing everyone throughout New Jersey access to foolproof security measures to protect their homes and businesses.

Security Assessments Right When You Call

The team at Bounty Alarms wants to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones and investments are protected around the clock, but let’s face it: You may not know what you need to really bulk up your property’s security presence without going overboard. Our expert team can come out to your property, look over the existing systems you have in place, and give you timely advice about what measures you should take in order to be completely secure.

Total Connect

Bounty Alarms is your one-stop shop for all the technology you need to keep eyes on your property, home and business at all times. From motion sensors to security control panels and cameras, we can turn your home or commercial building into your fortress. Most people don’t realize what difference a quality home security system can make. The mere presence of alarms, 24-hour monitoring and a handy remote operation system to ensure your systems are in working order can bring you a massive dose of peace of mind. It doesn’t hurt, either, that you’ll enjoy a huge cut on your homeowner’s insurance premium when you install a security system!

If you buy a security system for your home, you may qualify for our residential package, which includes one motion sensor, one control panel, one keypad, one siren, two door or window alarms, battery backup, yard sign and decals.

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