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Professional Security Services in the Tri-State Area

Wireless audio systems with multi-room technology as well as home theatre hookups. Having your whole house synchronized with Sonos products provides an ease of use you won’t find easily anywhere else, and at Bounty Alarms, we’re proud to offer that service to our Tri-State area customers.

The Best Sound Money Can Buy

We’re known for our home security solutions at Bounty Alarms, but did you know we also install single-room or full-home audio systems, home theaters and home theaters and wireless systems? We do so with the help of the best equipment on the market, including wireless speakers and audio systems from Sonos, an industry leader in audio technology.

Why Sonos?

We feel that Sonos products provide our customers with the right selection of high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. If you want to install a wired system for your home theater, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, and we understand that. Sonos speakers and audio equipment are well made and durable, and won’t blow your budget all at once.

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